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About Tijoriwala

Tijoriwala is the authentic and authorised dealer and distributor of high security safes and vaults manufactured by ASIAN SAFES. With an experience of over 18 years, Asian Safes is dedicated to manufacture & deliver strong, durable and top notch safety vaults, lockers, safes with deposit lockers, bank lockers, mobile compactors and donation boxes. All products by Asian Safes are Made in India sight from scratch and we are proud of it. Tijoriwala continues this chain of trust and durability and we are extending it to Pune City Now.

We at Tijoriwalas.com ensure the safety and preservation of your hard earned and valuable possessions. Manufactured in India under the Make In India project, our safes and lockers are designed after giving careful consideration to your commercial and domestic use and requirements. Our products are devoted to keep all your valuables safe and intact and safeguard them from any sort of damage or theft or any incident that can hamper the valuables you entrust our safes with.

Why Tijoriwala by Asian Safes?

Our main objective is providing excellent quality and assured products to our clients. Their trust and faith in us and our products make us the foremost entity in this domain. In order to accomplish this objective, we execute all our business activities with stringent and high quality standards.